Daxx Vacuum Systems

  • A DAXXS air conveyor system can save a lot of floor space in the laundry. The conveyor pipes can be mounted for example close to the roof of the building.
  • DAXXS ensures an optimized flow of laundry. More space is made available on the floor and less operator occupied with moving laundry.
  • DAXXS sucks up laundry with the speed of Windforce 8 to the operators. Production can therefore be optimized.


Air conveyors

Ventilator stations

To convey the linen, each vacuum system requires a ventilator station to create the airflow. The power of the ventilator depends on the length of the conveyor pipes, the number of curves and stock-boxes.

Ventilator stations are available with a power of 7.5, 11, 15 or 18.5kW. Each one of these ventilators can be placed as a freestanding station. The 7.5 and 11kW ventilator stations are also available on a buffer as an integrated unit. Our Silent-Pack guaranties a low noise level. Optional the ventilator can be built with a silencer on the exhaust.

Our free-standing ventilator unit have a stainless-steel base frame with a plastics cover reinforced with fiber glass. If required, the units can easily be placed outside.

Ventilator Stations

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