Daxx Vacuum Systems

  • A DAXXS air conveyor system can save a lot of floor space in the laundry. The conveyor pipes can be mounted for example close to the roof of the building.
  • DAXXS ensures an optimized flow of laundry. More space is made available on the floor and less operator occupied with moving laundry.
  • DAXXS sucks up laundry with the speed of Windforce 8 to the operators. Production can therefore be optimized.


Air conveyors

Continuous Loading System

A continuous supply of laundry to the workstations leads to a large improvement in productivity. With our newly developed Continuous Loading System it is possible to convey laundry from one location to another as soon as it becomes available. At the far end, laundry is unloaded continuously. This system is very suitable to convey laundry from one workstation to another.

Continuous Loading System

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