Daxx Vacuum Systems

  • A DAXXS air conveyor system can save a lot of floor space in the laundry. The conveyor pipes can be mounted for example close to the roof of the building.
  • DAXXS ensures an optimized flow of laundry. More space is made available on the floor and less operator occupied with moving laundry.
  • DAXXS sucks up laundry with the speed of Windforce 8 to the operators. Production can therefore be optimized.


Air conveyors


In each stockbox one batch of linen can be stored. By means of switches the stockbox can be placed in line to serve for example various finishing-positions. Next to that the stockbox can be placed in top of each other. In this case each of the finishing-positions have more batches available.

The Stock-Box is available in different capacities conforming to CBW standard. Our Stock-Box is available with flaps or Roll-off belt. The choice will depend on the chosen appliance.

Stockbox with flaps

In case the laundry should be dropped in a trolley the flaps are the right choice. When the flaps are opened, the laundry is guided by the flaps in to the trolley.

Stockbox with Roll-off belt

Our Stock-Box with slider, is equipped with a roll-off belt. Because there are no moving parts, the laundry cannot be stuck, nor during unloading.


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