Daxx Vacuum Systems

  • A DAXXS air conveyor system can save a lot of floor space in the laundry. The conveyor pipes can be mounted for example close to the roof of the building.
  • DAXXS ensures an optimized flow of laundry. More space is made available on the floor and less operator occupied with moving laundry.
  • DAXXS sucks up laundry with the speed of Windforce 8 to the operators. Production can therefore be optimized.


Air conveyors

Bag loader

The DAXXS suction system has provided DunnMatiek with a new patent: This unit using a vacuum system, moves laundry from any position directly into a container bag on the rail system. The laundry bag is placed in the vacuum cupboard and filled automatically up to 50 kilograms. The big advantage is that the bag can remain on the same level and be filled at any desired location. Lifts and mechanisms for raising and lowering the laundry bags are unnecessary. Previous systems have the disadvantage of height loss because the container bag is placed under the vacuum storage box. The patented DAXXS resolves this problem.

Bag Loader

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