The sorting process is labour intensive and a considerable amount of time is wasted through deficient systems. It is therefore essential that laundry is transported in a constant flow and at the right moment. This allows operators to concentrate on the main task of sorting.

DunnMatiek offers several solutions for sorting. Sorting systems may or may not, be attached to an overhead rail system or transport conveyors.

Internal logistics

Sorting conveyors

It is sometimes impossible to make a platform or drain. Often, the logical positioning of the sorting system can only be coupled with difficulty to the overhead rail system.

The DunnMatiek Sorting conveyor system is simply positioned, like the operators, on the work floor. The system is extremely compact so that greater part the sorting boxes are within easy reach of the operator. We therefore offer a sorting system with 6 positions within a 2,2 meter width. With the use of a lift or an Air Conveyor, the system can be coupled to an overhead rail system.

Naturally, if you require a compact, modular sorting system, our Sorting conveyors are an obvious choice.


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