Conveyor Belts

DunnMatiek conveyor belts are specifically designed to move laundry flawlessly. The conveyor belts move the laundry quickly without the possibility of jams. All parts in contact with the laundry are made of stainless steel. DunnMatiek conveyor belts have a modular design with following construction details:

  • Aluminium frame with stainless steel gliding plate
  • Stainless steel side panels
  • Drummotor or gearmotor
  • reversing lock, brake
  • Tensioning
  • Various belt types
  • Legs or roof mounting construction

We have a wide range of conveyor belt such as:

  • Sorting conveyor belts
  • Loading conveyor belts
  • Unloading conveyor belts
  • Shuttle conveyor belts
  • Lift conveyor belts
  • Roll off conveyor belts
  • Special conveyor belts
Products Conveyor Belts

Roll off conveyor belts

More Balance in stacks

Due to the motor controlled movement the acceleration and deceleration is exactly so that the higher stacks can be handled.

The front roller has a small diameter so that the drop of the stack is minimized to keep as much balance as possible.

Accurate positioning

A positioning-motor-drive regulates the movement of the roll-off conveyor. As a result, a stack can be placed in any desired position on the conveyor belt. It is also possible to place two stacks next to each other.

Roll off

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